8 Business Ideas To Get Started With A Consultancy Marketplace

It is well equipped with exciting features for your website or app such as a catalog manager to help you edit details of expert consultants, notifications for booking reminders, and payment gateways. It provides you with great consultancy app development features and the consultation app cost isn’t that much. So to sum it up, Panther supports any and every consultation service be it telemedicine, astrology, law education, or about anything you can think of. List your HR skills to determine which you can offer in ways that fill a need in the marketplace and help you compare favorably against competitors. Rank your skills in the order you feel the marketplace wants them, then in the order of your competency, and then come up with a list of services you feel will maximize your potential. Consider offering consulting services in the area of executive searches, temporary staffing, and employee recruiting and hiring.

If you hire top-notch experts in your field, you will be able to satisfy your clients and keep your business going with more and more long-term contracts. In this day and age, we can practically find a consulting firm in almost every industry. Some of these firms are specific to several practices and trades, such as advertising, finance, architecture, engineering, healthcare, technology, and the public sector.

A consulting business comprises industry-specific experts and subject matter experts, who can understand and analyze the situation of another firm, and offer actionable solutions accordingly. It ensures that a business is doing all it can to provide potential customers to its website via different social media channels. No matter which business idea one opts for, it requires some professional guidance, there are always a few minor details left. Even if you have given a good start to your work you need to hold the audience, you need a well-established marketplace for consultancy services. Income as a marketing consultant can vary depending on the businesses you work with. Payscale reports that the average starting income for marketing consultants is $58,128.

As you’ll see, they’re just an objectively poor target market for consultants. One of my friends recently brought up the idea of consulting for startups. He’s been working in software for almost two decades, and he’s worked for a few well-known startups in the area. He definitely has skills and knowledge that would be valuable for a startup, so he was surprised when I told him startup consulting is not a good idea. One thing every businessman needs to realize is that no matter how well they are doing, there is always room for improvement.

it consulting business ideas

As a consultant, you need to get some wins under your belt, and startups are not a very reliable way to do so. I recently saw a consultant who would sit down with a founder in any industry for an hour and tell them which marketing channels they should use. That’s great, but as I’ve pointed out in the past, experts fall prey to the same biases that the rest of us do.

Hire A Team Of Industry Experts To Work With

Provide proposals for consultation in each area where the business has a need. Use social media and customer management programs to create email blasts, free newsletters, informational tweets, and website and Facebook business page postings. Create a LinkedIn page for your business and cross-promote with other business consultants, such as CPAs or marketing agencies. Panther lets you set up your consultation marketplace without any coding.

  • It ensures that a business is doing all it can to provide potential customers to its website via different social media channels.
  • Payscale reports that the average starting income for marketing consultants is $58,128.
  • Marketing is a very broad field of work, making it a scoring option for consultants.
  • There are several website-building platforms available out there that enable any layman who doesn’t have any programming language to design and develop a website on their own.
  • Misalignment like this is bound to lead to disappointment on one side or the other.

Startup consultants aren’t typically involved for the long-term , but the good ones might provide some follow-through to see how their recommendations pan out. They might also offer a retainer to answer questions about their recommendations as they come up, but they usually aren’t part of the day-to-day. At Draft.dev, we create technical content for startups looking to reach software engineers. Stop begging your engineers to write blog posts and build a high-quality, reliable content engine today. Here are 4 examples or types of consulting firms along with a brief description of what they do.

If you’re comfortable with presentations, plan HR workshops for a fee, generating revenue from attendees who might later turn into clients. A consulting business that helps address the human resource management issues of other businesses is called a human resources consulting firm. HR consultants are typically either expert resource consultants or people/process consultants. If you have a professional network, talk to the people you know about your consulting business and the services you are offering. When you start getting clients and delivering your consulting services to them, they will speak about you in their social circle if they are satisfied with your service. This will give you the added benefit of organic marketing and word-of-mouth promotion.

As it is a self-employed job you can earn a good amount provided that you build a good client base. To manage all this one must look for a good consultancy marketplace technology like Panther. Starting an independent consulting practice is one of the best ways to turn your depth of knowledge and years of experience into a business.

Market And Promote Your Business

But even in good economies, many people, from recent college grads to baby boomers looking for a new retirement career can benefit from a career specialist. Use images and embedded videos in your web content to promote your services. Connect with our product specialists to understand how the world’s fastest-growing companies use Tookan to optimize deliveries. ‘Jungleworks Entrepreneur’s Den’ to get access to the latest industry & product insights.

it consulting business ideas

Take a comprehensive walkthrough of the features and functionalities that Tookan provides, and learn how you can start managing your dispatch and delivery operations in a smoother manner. A PR consultant’s job is to help extend the reach of a company’s presence and improve the public’s view of the company. They are tasked with writing and pitching press releases, building campaigns, working with media and influencer partners, conducting or setting up interviews, etc. Marketing is a very broad field of work, making it a scoring option for consultants. From email marketing to paid acquisition, to content creation there are loads of areas that a marketing consultant can give assistance to. If you have a degree in marketing/communication you just need to take the first step or having prior experience in the field would also be sufficient.

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A tech consultant is hired to ensure a company’s software and technology aren’t hindering their productivity. Since it is a technical field, those in this line have the educational background of computers. Therefore, these consultants need to have vast experience and knowledge of computers and software. Many overloaded business owners and busy individuals have a need to resolve issues that require specialized expertise. This is when they go looking for a professional consultant who can provide the knowledge and experience they lack, for as little or as long as they need the help. Million Dollar Consulting provides a great look at the business nuts and bolts of picking clients, winning proposals, and making a sustainable consulting business.

To grow your business, you will have to put in the effort to do its marketing and promotion. Digital marketing tactics are more effective these days than the conventional forms of marketing. Depending on the field or type of consulting business you want to start, and on your locality, you might need to get a special certification or license before you can legally start your business operations.

People in these roles are typically more focused on asking questions or serving as a sounding board. If you’re an experienced entrepreneur coaching a new founder, that’s great. I have several mentors, and they’re invaluable, but they don’t make a living from helping people like me. I have worked for early-stage startups, done some startup consulting, and met plenty of startup consultants. Now that you know how to start your own consulting business, go for it before you start changing your mind or run short of finances merely out of procrastination. To begin with, if you have already done your research, create an account on Strikingly and start creating your fancy and professional consulting business website.

Explore The Tookan Platform For Your Business And Get Started Today

Use a mix of advertising, public relations and promotions that utilizes your budget to generate maximum exposure. Create a website and populate it with articles that show business owners their need for HR services. Include case studies of companies that benefitted from specific HR strategies. Write a column for your local newspaper or articles for trade magazines. Host free or low-cost small-business seminars in conjunction with your chamber of commerce to show your expertise, generating clients who want more of your services.

She lays out some fantastic strategies for mentors and advisors in this book. What matters is their perception that outside consultants are never going https://globalcloudteam.com/ to be as dedicated or see the vision that they do. The good news is it is relatively easier to develop a website now than it was in the last decade.

If you’ve been in marketing at a few startups, you might think you know everything there is to know about startup marketing. Even if you don’t project this hubris publicly, it affects the way you make decisions and closes you off to new inputs. Most startup founders who have cleared the first couple of bars by doing some fundraising and making some sales are pretty smart people.

Misalignment like this is bound to lead to disappointment on one side or the other. The most lucrative piece of the consulting market is focused on Fortune 500 companies. That’s where giants like PwC, Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, McKinsey, and BCG all play, but for one-person consulting shops or small agencies, it’s pretty hard to land one of these customers. Have our business experts on the phone to understand your brand’s operations and guide you through a demo customized to your business industry. Jungleworks is a no-code hyperlocal commerce and delivery stack to set up and manage on-demand businesses.

When you are consulting other businesses about their operations, you need to be even more diligent about obtaining this kind of information firsthand hand. You wouldn’t want a client pointing out to you that they have heard about a new tool or technology that can outdate the solution that you are offering to them. If you want to know how to start your own consulting business, keep in mind that there are just a few steps that you would need to take as prerequisites. If your answer to any or all of the above questions is ‘Yes’, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will be discussing all the basic things that you need to know and so before you start a consulting business.

it consulting business ideas

People in this role are tasked with identifying cutbacks to improve profit, or simply protecting, restructuring, or maximizing a company’s bottom line. Small businesses won’t have the need or budget to hire a full-time finance team so it requires a professional financial consultant to fill the gap. Using consultation market software will pitch your clients and help manage customer relations. The earlier the company, the harder it will be for you to make a financially viable consulting firm, and even larger startups have challenges.


If you’re working on an hourly rate, you’re likely to get more successes and less price sensitivity with clients who are larger and less likely to face financial hardship. While this gets you out of the “startup” business, it’s definitely going to make you a more successful consultant financially. I recently met with a startup that hired a very senior person from a big tech firm. He loved having a big title, but when the time came to build the product, he was unwilling to roll up his sleeves and write any code.

Founders Need To Learn For Themselves

The best way to maintain a good relationship with your clients is not to get completely out of touch with them once you have finished delivering your service to them. Following up on how they are doing from time to time can help you build a good rapport with them. They are more IT Consulting. How IT Consulting Firms Help Business likely to take on your services again in the future if a similar problem or situation arises in their life or their business. Engineering consultancy is usually about construction and civil engineering, rather than the other types of engineering like hardware or software.

Most engineering consulting businesses start as sole proprietors and grow gradually with time. Okay, I’ve made my case against consulting for startups, but that doesn’t mean I’m against small companies. Most of my clients at Draft.dev are Series A and B-stage startups, but I work with plenty of seed-stage startups too. They’re typically a lot more interesting to work with than enterprise customers and they make purchasing decisions much faster. While large companies get budgets earmarked for hiring consultants or completing specific projects, small startups usually have to run all major expenditures by the founder. I’ve known founders who won’t let division heads charge so much as $100 to the company card without clearance from the CEO.

Career Consultant

Have our business experts on the phone to understand your company’s operations and guide you through a demo customized to your business industry. The average base pay for a career consultant is $40,000 according to Glassdoor; however, this is for a job, as opposed to being a self-employed consultant. I’ve personally never paid my advisors or mentors, but I’ve known people who do, so you could make some money going this route. That said, if you need a steady income, you’ll likely have to supplement your mentorship money with another source. So while you look at your $200 per hour price tag as a bargain for startups (McKinsey is charging $16k per day, after all), they see it as a significant line item on a razor-thin budget.

First off, when I say “consultant,” I’m not talking about freelancers or contract hires. Those two categories of employees are essentially tax shelters for small companies that can’t afford full-time people yet, and their work is typically very execution-focused. We, at Strikingly, are happy to see our users grow and expand in their pursuits. That is why we offer most of the features required to build a basic website or landing page in our free plan. Only once your business grows and you need more features on your site, you may consider upgrading to our Pro Plan.

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