Registration starts through

pin-up casino

– first enter your PIN UP BET Electronic Mail;

– consider an individual password consisting of letter and digits or any other word or association of terms that easily recall. the birth date, the favorite word, or the very nickname of your pet);

– In the following step, it will reiterate your keyword;

– Choose your own country later (the purpose is to customize our own games and services for you);

– Choose your value currency (please, if it is in India it will be the real, and in other pecuniary operations will not have to Pin Up Bet choose to select currency, since it has previously done, it makes it easy to use);

– Click the confirmation button.

There is also a way of inscription through your mobile number. You also have the option to request a past using only the mobile phone number, Pin Up will authorize you to create your account. You can consult your personal account through the profile button displayed alive on the portal. You can see all your information about the user: The respective currency, your pin up bets, bonuses and personalized offers and recent personal marketing actions.

Enter your Casino Pin Up account

As long as all procedures have been respected, including a perfect registration, you can access your personal page at Casino Pin Up.

To access your residence zone, the procedures mentioned below should be followed:

– Click on the light and green login button;

pin-up casino

– Insert the mail that you used when you register;

– Click on Show password (if you don’t have a password yet, by Favor insert your password and mark the gang to make the site remember your password, this will make navigation simpler in the casino);

– Click the button to validate the data.

As opposed to mere access to the individual account, sometimes several cases and complicated subjects arise. This may include:

– the introduction of an error by introducing personal information;

– Being prevented due to lack of care from the user (site management has the same right to block if the user;

– The user can also introduce fake resources and call them operators who will try to make money under the name of an honest broker.

However, the site direction recommends to all users of the Pin-Up casino to take into account their personal data and not give them to malicious or suspicious people.

Enter the application of Casino Pin-Up

If you cannot access the Pin-Up casino through your browser, you can always use the modern PIN UP CASINO application, which can be easily installed on your device, such as a tablet or phone.

With the application, you can stay up to date with the latest events, promotions and offers, and is a great way to spend your time in a rewarding way.

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